Strategic Planning

Our consultants will assist you to successfully provide a vision for success that is based on the requirements of the stakeholders, grounded in the environment of your organization.

The process of educational reform and the implementation of technology are often done as add-ons to organizations wishing to embrace technology and new instructional environments. We suggest the development of a complete strategic business plan including a corporate charter designed in a way that learning, technology and innovation are central to the values and mission of the organization. This strategic business plan becomes the construct for the culture of a learning organization where self-actualized teams provide a learning environment where students and staff can flourish in a technologically rich environment.

The process will culminate in an implementation plan that includes specific action plans for every level of the organization. Accountability contracts will be designed in such a way that every individual and group will understand their role, their responsibilities and the measures for their individual, group and organizational success. Harmonious relationships begin with a solid plan.

Deliverables May Include

  • An Organizational Plan
  • A Human Resource Plan including a staged development of all staff
  • Strategic Market Positioning Plan
  • Space Utilization plan
  • The School Transition and Accreditation
  • The Technology Enhancement Plan
  • The school Operation Plan and Financial Scenarios
  • The School Action Plan and Milestones