Smart Schools

The concept of the Smart School is to create a school environment that prepares the students for the information age. By this we mean that the students are prepared to meet the challenges of a very diverse society where technology is critical to their success. Creating an innovative learning environment where the focus is to produce students who can take on the unique challenges of our complex global society does this.

The aim is not to replace caring people with machines. A significant goal is to facilitate and enhance learning processes through the integration of education-related technology with the caring teachers and staff. The intent is to develop more knowledgeable computer savvy students. A wide range of software and hardware options are available, allowing schools to deliver curriculum that is pedagogically superior when used by qualified, compassionate teachers. In this way the teachers can choose to individualize the learning to be harmonious with their students learning styles. In addition, technology can be used to improve the school’s management and tracking systems, thus freeing up personnel. Our goal is to help schools determine their learning and pedagogical requirements and educate their staff to use these tools to their advantage.

Some systems are available that enable students to advance at their own pace without being held back by other learners. In this way students are able to create their own learning plans thus reducing the tedium of gaining knowledge and skills. This technology has the potential to allow students to collaborate and exchange knowledge with international students that have mutual interests. In this way the system can strengthen social relationships between citizens from different countries. As a result creates connections are created that position students for collaboration in other areas.

What We Deliver

VOSG prides itself in being one of a few educational consultancy providers whose management possesses substantial experience in this field. The key services include:

  • Participating at all stages of a Smart School plan from concept to implementation.
  • Determining requirements for implementing a Smart Schools model.
  • Assisting with the specifications and purchasing of equipment.
  • Providing professional development courses for teaching staff and principals prior to project implementation and on an ongoing basis as the project advances.
  • Providing training for the technical support personnel.
  • Outsourcing of the Smart School platform operations and management.