Recruitment Services

VOSG specializes in recruiting teaching staff and school administrators to work at offshore locations. VOSG’s educational network provides the company with direct access to certified professional teaching staff and administrators.

VOSG can provide schools with entry-level teachers who are certified to teach Canadian curriculum.

VOSG understands that not all schools require entry-level teachers. Some schools require individuals having extensive knowledge in the uses instructional methodologies and instructional technologies. These individuals are capable of taking into account individual student needs. They are able to apply multimodal and multifaceted approaches to ensure that the individual learning styles of students are addressed.

What We Deliver

  • Discuss requirements and qualifications with clients
  • Advertise for the required jobs
  • Short list and interview prospective candidates
  • Verify educational qualifications and degrees
  • Verify employment history
  • Conduct reference checks
  • Conduct criminal record checks
  • Administer skills personality testing
  • Arrange for travel schedules/visas
  • Handle employer agreement process
  • Provide career transition technology workshops


We will do our best to provide our clients with caring, qualified teachers and we understand that there are times when an employee relationship goes wrong.

Should any employee leave employment within the first three months, or if an employer decides to dismiss employee with valid reason, VOSG will find a suitable replacement and will not charge recruitment fees for the replacement.