Professional Development Programs for Educators

In order to improve students’ learning an effective staffing plan must be created and followed. All jobs within the organization will be clearly defined and staff will be hired to meet the criteria of the staffing plan. This plan will include job descriptions as well as an evaluation process.

An effective Human Resources plan must align with the strategic plan. In order to be effective, clearly defined strategies and company goals must be articulated to staff who will then strive to meet expectations. VOSG will monitor this process and ensure effective practices assist staff to deliver the company goals and objectives.

High turnover of staff is a source of concern because of the costs of recruiting and training. In addition learning is enhanced when students develop relationships with their teachers over many years. VOSG will develop a clearly articulated retention and succession plan to assure the school is adequately staffed at all times and is able to deliver valuable educational opportunities for students.

An effective communication plan will be developed so that all staff are aware of their roles, responsibilities, the company philosophy, and the chain of command. In addition, changes in operations or practices, which will enhance the learning opportunity for students, will be clearly articulated through the communication plan. Clear communications are critical to maintaining morale and focus on the schools vision. Communication plans are critical if schools are to develop as learning organizations. VOSG will provide guidance in the development of communication plans.

An ongoing organizational development plan will include a continual scan of the way employees operate within the organization. VOSG will recommend organizational development evaluations, interventions and action strategies to improve the school’s goal achievement, maintain the school’s vision and fulfill its mission statement.

As we have identified in these materials, VOSG will assist you in developing your human resource infrastructure as you work towards becoming a learning organization.

We wish to help you with a continuous improvement plan that will be developed and personalized for your purposes. The diagram provides a view of a continuous development process and provides an indication of one of many methods that could be developed for human resource development.

Best Practices & Research

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