Educational Technology Consulting Services

Our network of experts in the utilization and implementation of educational technology will provide your organization with ongoing support and services.

As you integrate technology into the learning process, these individuals will be able to objectively assist you with the development of pedagogically sound curriculum and audit the results based on Canadian standards. It is important that learners and teachers enjoy a harmonious relationship with — technology.

Availability can be arranged in a number of flexible formats in order to best serve your unique needs.

Our goal is to help you to make learning more effective.

Deliverables May Include

  • Complete analysis of requirements
  • Determine required infrastructure
  • Assist client with selection of technology platform and assist with outsourcing
  • Develop an implementation and transition plan
  • Assess teaching and administrative staff competencies and determine training requirements
  • Provide onsite training for staff
  • Develop accountability frameworks that ensure sustainable and effective implementation
  • Provide an oversight and audit function

Management and Management Consulting Services

VOSG has the capacity to provide you with management services that comply with Canadian and international educational standards.

Once you have developed a strategic business plan we will manage and direct the implementation.
Your action plan may include educational reforms requiring external audits that we will facilitate.

Your organization may wish to contract with VOSG to provide onsite management of the school. This may extend to a full service arrangement that could be designed and customized to provide your organization with ongoing onsite management of the facility.

Deliverables May Include

  • Conduct an assessment of the facility
  • Develop strategic business plans
  • Implement new plans and build relationships  with the aim of diversifying revenue streams
  • Engage in the process of the creation of the new organizational structure
  • Recruit, train, and supervise teaching staff
  • Accredit the school within the time limit specified
  • Develop and supervise policies and procedures to ensure compliance with local requirements
  • Provide marketing support, including the development of promotional materials describing content, schedules, training, requirements for candidates
  • Advise with respect to the acquisition of necessary resources, development of school budgets, and marketing strategies
  • Oversee program implementation as required by Canadian authorities
  • If required, outsource for the development of appropriate technology platforms